During our time in the Middle East in 2013 -14, God led us to film what was happening around us, to show the Church in the West a glimpse of what He is doing in the Middle East. The filming continued “post-Isis invasion” in November, 2015 to hear how the church in Iraq was responding. We not only documented testimonies and stories from local believers, we also sat down with pastors, leaders, and other Christians laboring to see God’s Kingdom come in the Desert.





If you are asking the question, “God, what are you doing in the Middle East?” then STREAMS IN THE DESERT is a film you must see. In fact, we feel that this film is so important, we are streaming it for free right here on the website (just click the cover image to the left). You can watch it anytime you like, and share it with as many friends as you can.

In the midst of violence, turmoil, and persecution, should the strategy of the church in the Middle East be to advance the Kingdom of God or maintain it’s position? What is happening in the land that gave birth to the Church? What is God doing in the Middle East?

“Streams in the Desert” is a 35-minute documentary that answers these questions through the testimonies of faithful believers laboring in the region. Pastors, missionaries, local believers, and refugees give their first-hand perspectives as they testify to the incredible opportunity that exists RIGHT NOW for the Gospel to advance in the Middle East.

Streams in the Desert was produced and directed by Neil Broere. It is a film birthed out of prayer, and we believe God is using it across the globe to provoke the church for what He is doing in the Middle East.

The Broere family relocated to the Middle East at the beginning of 2016 to serve full-time.

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